Here's what you may have missed on Steel Media's other sites this week - May 4th


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It's the end of the week, and while we start winding down and getting into our PJs ahead of a long weekend of doing sweet, sweet nothing, we're looking back over the past few days at our favourite articles from our sister sites around the Steel Media network.

That's right, there's more than just Pocket Gamer out there! And each site is as wonderful as we are, if not moreso, because they don't have a super forgetful editor running things. Hooray!

Now while I try and remember where I put my keys, have a peruse of the best articles and videos from the week.


You can always count on Harry to write something great over on 148 – there's a reason he's in charge there and the deputy here.

This week he took a look at wait timers and loot boxes and asked a fairly interesting question – do we mobile gamers have it worse than those on console?

His opinion is that no, we don't. After all, the majority of games on mobile don't ask you to plonk down $60 before you're even allowed to take the wrapper off, so it's not all bad, right?


Good ol' Christian has been looking for hidden gems yet again, and this time he's picked little-known puzzler Swapperoo to shine his spotlight on.

Here's what he had to say: "At its most basic concept, Swapperoo follows the same design principle of connecting three or more items on a grid, removing those matched items from the grid, but that is where the similarities end.

"Most importantly, you can only move specific triangular tiles on the grid and can only move these triangular tiles in the direction they're pointing. This design choice makes each match a strategic affair, forcing the player to plan several moves ahead."

Sounds pretty good, aye? Might be worth a look, if you've not heard of it before.

AppSpy Video

James, who is a nice man, has been hard at work on yet more videos this week, for those of you who prefer moving pictures to these rather stationery words of ours. Hey, each to their own.

For pure visual candy, MMX Hill Dash 2 has got you covered, with its luscious colours and bumpy roads, as well as some silly ragdolls when you lose. Beautiful.

If you're more into your not-so-great horror games, he's always had some time with Granny, which has somehow done remarkably well in the charts despite being… well… see for yourself, I guess.